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Creative that connects.  

Your brand has a job to do – it needs to make a connection to your audience, and leave a positive, memorable impression upon them. Creating graphic design and branding that connects is at the core of what I do.

We love what we do and our work is impactful!

Total’Teck is a full-service agency specializing in branding, advertising, graphic design, and website design in London Ontario, and the surrounding area. We will help you; build your brand.

We work with a high-profile list of prominent clients in hospitality, nightlife, gaming, luxury, retail, and entertainment.

We start trends, chase new technology, and learn from each new challenge.

Web Development
Web pages are the face-to-face place where consumers see our clients' brands. We create optimal websites that communicate, sell and express the essence of brands.
Digital Marketing
At iWoka Design we have it clear because we grew up with the digital age! We understand through different experiences, what works and what doesn't. We seek to lead the digital market reaching consumers through: creativity, quality, service, optimization of resources and selection of the best channels through innovative tactics that manage to generate brand visibility.
Visual Identity
80% of the information that the human brain receives on a daily basis comes from the sense of sight, for this reason when communicating; the visual part will always be SIGNIFICANT. At iWoka Design we seek to connect 5 essential elements in order to achieve a unique and innovative brand identity.

Happy Customers, Happy Brands

We are ready in helping businesses strategically connect with their audiences through creative, meaningful brands.



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